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Transxenine is a term used to describe a transgender individual who identifies fully or partially as xenine/xenic. It can be considered umbrella term for individuals who transition to a xenine identity.

Transxenine beings may also identify as other, non-xenogenders as well. For example, a catgender woman may identify as transxenine, though typically one's xenine identities are more significant that one's non-xenine/anthrogender identities, or one wants to emphasize their xenine identity.

Transxenine beings are sometimes referred to as MtX/FtX or M2X/F2X (male/female to xenine) depending on one's assigned gender at birth.

The feminine equivalent to transxenine is transfeminine; the masculine equivalent is transmasculine; the neutral equivalent is transneutral; the androgynous equivalent is transandrogynous; the aporine equivalent is transaporine; and the outherine equivalent is transoutherine.



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