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Venufluid flag by kiloueka.[1]

Venufluid (also known as Femfluid or Finfluid) is a form of genderfluidity where one experiences only or mostly fingenders. A venufluid person may be fluid between genders such as demifem, neogirl, lunarian, and/or any other genders that are feminine. A venufluid person is never, or very rarely experiences masculine, androgynous, unaligned genders, or any other genders that are not mostly feminine.

Venufluid is a Pocket Gender and a subset of genderfae.

The term was based off the planet Venus with it's gendered associations and "-fluid" is a suffix used to describe the variations inherent. Marfluid and eafluid are venufluid's counterparts; one for mingender and one for neither fem or masc genders.


Venufluid was coined on or before before August 26th, 2014, by a-tiny-peach on Tumblr.[2]

The flag was designed by kiloueka on pride-color-schemes on July 29th, 2016.[1]

An alternate flag was designed by Sgtdeathcat, on November 7th, 2020.[3] Then on December 30th, GxrlDisaster made a simplifed version of the venufluid flag.[4]

The venufluid symbol was created by Tumblr user octopodesinmybutt on August 4th, 2021.[5]


Venufluid symbol by themogaidragon on Tumblr.[6]

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