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This is a list of rules and policies that must be followed here on the Gender Wiki. Because it contains rules and guidelines for the wiki, it is protected, and restricted to administrator edits. If you think something should be added or changed, please contact one of our admins.

Sensory Warning: Bold and italic text are frequently used on this page.


  • You will follow Fandom’s Terms of Use (ToU).
  • This wiki is a safe space, safe for all acceptable identities and labels.
    • An “acceptable” identity intrudes with the concept of “good-faith.” Good-faith means not coining an identity for the wrong reasons; as a joke; to make fun of a minority; to bully someone, etc. So long as any identity was coined in good-faith, it is valid in the eyes of the Gender Wiki. These identities include, and are not limited to:
    • Queerphobia of any sort is not permitted. Exempt from this rule is the discussion of queerphobic incidents and queerphobic topics.
      • Note that queerphobia is not the same thing as "hating gay people." Queerphobia encompasses all topics and statements that are offensive or disrespectful towards the LGBTQIA+ community. In other words, people who support the LGBTQIA+ community can still be/act queerphobic.
      • Users who are apart of the LGBTQIA+ community are not exempt from this rule.
    • Invalidation of identities or anything similar is not tolerated.
      • Here, we're talking about "emotional invalidation," which means to dismiss or disrespect someone's thoughts, beliefs, identity, behaviors, ect.
      • "Invalidating" isn't the same thing as stating an opposing opinion, for example "you said cookies are better than cake, but I think cake is better than cookies." The key is, when delivering an opposing opinion, to be respectful and open-minded of other's opinions; don't act like you're "right" and everyone else is "wrong."
        • Stating "opinions" that invalidate and dismiss an identity, for example "I don't think the LGBTQIA+ community exists, but it's okay if you do," is not allowed, even if done respectfully.
    • You will not provide unsolicited or inaccurate gender advice to other users.
    • You will assume good faith in other users. You will not assume a user is trying to be or is malicious, unless/until proven otherwise.
    • Be civil, and utilize proper "wiki etiquette." Don't vandalize, don't troll, treat other users with respect, don't start drama needlessly, don't be intentionally antagonizing or disruptive, ect.

Negative Discourse

  • This wiki does not allow negative discourse in regards to identity;
    • You will not dispute the identities of other users. This includes comments such as “I don’t think your identity is valid,” or “are you sure you identify as that?” It is not your place, or the place of wiki staff, to argue whether or not someone’s identity is valid or not.
    • Exempt from this are legitimate concerns, specifically related to this wiki. For example, “someone just made a page for [insert gender], and it seems like it could be a troll. Can we debate the validity?”
  • Discourse in general should be kept to a minimum.
    • It is important that our community is largely free of discourse, especially discourse that does not pertain to the subjects of the wiki (gender, LGBTQ identities, queer topics, etc.) If you wish to discuss discourse-based topics on this wiki, feel free to do so, but please be respectful to other users and abide by our community guidelines at all times. Do not drag other users into discourse if they do not wish to participate.
    • While you can discuss queer discourse-based topics here, you cannot be the person creating the discourse.
    • Personal arguments or disagreements with other users should be taken to message walls, or (preferably) another, non-Fandom site.

Being Age-Appropriate (Swearing, etc.)

  • You will not cuss/swear. Even if it’s censored, or only implied.
  • To comply with Fandom's ToU and to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable, using any slurs (even if you can reclaim them)/derogatory language is prohibited.
  • This wiki is PG-13 and under. You will not post or share any content that isn’t appropriate for that age group; mature, NSFW, or sexual content.


  • You will not mini-mod (‘mini-mod’ means to act as a moderator/admin/wiki staff when you aren’t one).
    • On this wiki, behaviors we consider mini-modding are subjective.
    • What is not mini-modding, on this wiki:
      • Reminding another user of rules or guidelines, or presenting them with our policy pages (‘reminding’ is something like “hey, that actually isn’t allowed here” or something similar).
      • Explaining to other users that a post may be deleted, locked, ect.
    • What is mini-modding, on this wiki:
      • Handing out warnings/threatening to hand out warnings to other users.
      • Threatening to block other users.
      • Threatening to lock a post, delete a post, edit a post, ect.
      • Threatening to revert edits that don’t need to be reverted/actually reverting them.
        • If you spot vandalism and/or an edit that actually needs to be reverted, you are allowed to do so if you’ve come across it before wiki staff. But make sure to let an admin know afterwards, so whoever made the disruptive edit can be handled accordingly.
      • Saying “I’m going to make a wiki announcement about you” or something similar, or actually making that announcement.
      • Any other moderator action that shouldn’t be performed by a user without extended rights.


  • You will abide by our General Policies.
  • You will abide by our Editing Guide.
  • You will abide by our Citing Standards.
  • You will format pages using our Template Page.
    • Failure to comply with the above policies may result in your edits being altered or reverted. If a page you created does not comply with the above policies, an administrator may notify you of this and move it into your userspace.
  • You will not vandalize pages.
    • This includes removing content from pages, inserting false information on pages, inserting invalidating messages on pages, or other destructive actions.


  • You will abide by our General Policies.
    • Special emphasis on the no-swearing rule, which has no exceptions under any circumstances but for the listed words.
  • You will not necropost (posting in an old conversation or dead thread).
    • On this wiki, the cutoff for necroposting is a thread that hasn’t had any activity in two weeks.
  • You will not flame-war (persistently fighting another user), especially if the argument is not a serious concern or topic.
    • Even when participating in a serious disagreement, there may come a time where everyone involved will have to agree to disagree. You should to that.
  • You will not share your legal last name.
  • You will not share your phone number.
  • You will not share photos/videos of your physical body, or photos/videos of other people's physical body. Where this policy applies can vary, but as a general rule of thumb, any post that shows your physical head/face is not allowed; if we can see above your physical shoulders, that's not okay. Generally, images/videos of your physical hands, legs, knee, and similar parts, are alright.
  • You will not share the specific region, state, or city you live in. Stating the country or continent you live in is alright. Stating your timezone is alright.
  • You will not use any form of posting to directly speak of suicide ideation, self-harm, abuse, and similar topics. Even if it has a trigger/content warning. Such posting will be met with a link to the Community Central resource page and our local crisis resource page.
  • You will not share explicit descriptions (or pictures) of your physical body (ex: private parts, menstruation). Keyword: Explicit. Mentioning that your breasts give you dysphoria is absolutely fine, but be sure that your description never becomes very detailed or explicit; keep such details to a minimum. Posts that share explicit descriptions/details will be deleted, and the user will be reminded to not share explicit information.

Trigger/Content/Sensory Warnings

See also: Gender Wiki:Trigger Warnings

Trigger warnings (TW), content warnings (CW), and sensory warnings (SW) are "warnings" or "notices" put at the beginning of a post that are meant to "warn" users of potentially disturbing, upsetting, or triggering content, or in the case of sensory warnings, content that may overstimulate users. "Space" is added between a trigger/content/sensory warning and the sensitive content, which is typically achieved by placing an image or many lines of empty space between the warning and the sensitive content.

  • All forms of posting on this wiki--discussions posts, message walls, article comments, ect--are required to include a trigger/content/sensory warning and "space" if they include any content of:
    • Bold ("bolded") or italic ("italics") text
    • Words written only in capital letters ("caps") when not called upon by the capitalization rules of the given language
    • The alternating of capital and lowercase letters when not called upon by the capitalization rules of the given language (e.g. "eXamPLe")
    • Gore
    • Blood
    • Death
    • Violence
    • "Creepy", scary, and/or distressing imagery/content/graphics
    • Poor/distressing mental health situations
    • Poor/distressing physical health situations
    • Transphobia, homophobia, or any other form of queerphobia
    • Hate, prejudice, and/or discrimination toward any group of people or minority, including but not limited to: transphobia, homophobia, queerphobia, ableism, ageism, misogony, sexism, raceism, islamophobia, .
    • Vomiting
    • Illness
    • Medical-based topics, particularly needles.
    • Disturbing imagery/graphics/content
    • Genitalia (no imagery/graphics or explicit descriptions of genitalia are allowed even when a trigger/content warning is present)
    • Addictive substances
    • Bullying, manipulation, etc
    • Bright lights or colors
    • Flashing graphics
  • Trigger/content/sensory warnings can also be included for content that is not listed here, but are not required for content that is not listed here.

User Boundaries

  • To the best of your ability, you will refer to other users using their correct identity, when applicable, if it is known. If you do not know that users’ identity, you should try to avoid bringing it up (which you should usually do even if you do know their identity(s)), or say that you do not know their identity.
    • You will not "out" (disclose someone's identity/identities without their permission) other users on this wiki, or specific people you know outside of the wiki.
  • To the best of your ability, you will refer to other users using their correct pronouns, if they are known. If you do not know their pronouns, you will refer to them either with they/them/theirs pronouns, or no pronouns, until you -if ever- learn their correct pronouns.
  • To the best of your ability, you will refer to other users using their correct name(s), if it/they are known. If you do not know their name(s), you will refer to them as their username or a shortened version of their username, when need be.
  • To the best of your ability, you will not talk about topics that trigger a user in their presence (ex: if you know that gore triggers a certain user, you should avoid bringing it up in their presence, if possible).

Coiner Boundaries

  • You will refer to our Coiner Boundaries page when creating a wiki page coined by someone else.
    • Some coiners, listed on the page under "consented," have specific conditions that must be met when creating a wiki page for identities coined by them (ex. keeping the definitions exactly the same). You will abide by their rules for identities coined by them, no exceptions.
    • Some coiners, also listed under "Do Not Add," wish that identities coined by them not be added to the wiki at all. You will not add identities coined by these users.


It's important to note that users are almost never blocked on this wiki unless they're obviously a vandal or troll, or otherwise, just here to be disruptive. If a seemingly good-faith user were to breach our policies, the chances of them being blocked are very low, especially if they aren't given a chance to redeem themselves beforehand.

  • Our wiki doesn’t do many “insta-blocks” (ex: if you break [X] policy, you will be blocked immediately) unless a certain action is perceived as obviously malicious.
  • Similarly, we don’t have predetermined timestamps for each block, such as “you will be blocked for three weeks if you do [X].”
  • Most of our block timestamps are two weeks, one month, or indefinite. That said, block periods will still vary depending on the user and their blocking reason.
  • Users may or may not receive a warning before being blocked. A warning or even reminder is not guaranteed.
  • Administrators may or may not bypass these ‘guidelines’ when blocking users. Their decisions will remain fair, but not always the same; different situations call for different responses, and what works most of the time may not work all of  the time.
  • Blocks can be appealed on a blocking admin's Community Central message wall. Current admins and their walls:


  • If you notice patterns of vandalism, you can report them to Miiohau, the current maintainer of the Gender Wiki’s AbuseFilter. They may be able to add a rule that helps prevent that sort of vandalism from continuing.
  • Instances of vandalism, spam, disruptive users and the like can be reported to any administrator, on their message wall.
  • Very bad vandalism and cross-wiki vandalism can be reported to SOAP, if you so choose.
  • Advertisement spam can be reported to SOAP, if you so choose.
  • Other violations of Fandom's ToU can be reported to Fandom Support, if you so choose.
  • Any sort of report is optional; if you see something, we always appreciate the report, but no one is obligated to report anything.

Other Resources

These are listed alphabetically. They are other pages that contain information that is wiki policy or help upholding wiki policy. These pages should be followed with the same seriousness as the rules on this page.