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Woman is a gender identity which is seen as part of the gender binary. Woman is a term used for adults, and corresponds to the terms girl (for children and adolescents), female (adjective) and often femininity.


Children born with vulvas are often raised with the expectation that they will identify as women, although intersex children may also be assigned to this identity while not possessing all of the above characteristics. Women may be cisgender (assigned female or sometimes intersex at birth and identifying as women), transgender (assigned male or sometimes intersex at birth and identifying as women), or non-binary (assigned any sex at birth, and identifying as women but not entirely).

Identifying as a woman is often associated with "female" sex characteristics such as a vagina, a vulva, a uterus, wide hips, breasts and a high-pitched voice, as well as a traditionally feminine gender expression and gender role, but these are not necessary, and it is still possible to identify as a woman without them.


The woman flag was created by Tumblr user Trintinic on December 29th, 2017[1]. The dark pink represents those who identify fully as women, pink represents those who identify partially as women, and white represents multigender individuals who have woman as one of their genders.

The female flag was designed by Tumblr user arco-pluris on September 18th, 2020[2], and was based on a stamp by DeviantArt user SilenceTheFox[3]. There is no known meaning behind the flag.


The astronomical symbol for Venus is the most common symbol for women. It represents the hand mirror of the Roman goddess of love[10].


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