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Xenofluid Flag

Xenofluid flag by logchamp.[1]

Xenofluid is a form of genderfluid that experiences fluidity exclusively or majority between xenogenders or xenic adjacent (or aligned) genders.


Xenofluid was anonymously coined on Tumblr and acknowledged by xeno-aligned on February 8th, 2018.[2]

On October 9th 2020, logchamp gave xenofluid a proper definition and made three flags for it.[3]

Then on January 7th 2022, BitzOfPuzzelPeices made a gender symbol for xenofluid.[4] Following that on the 15th of October, OnlySixMinutesLeft made an alternative xenofluid flag and a cleaned up version of BitzOfPuzzelPeices's xenofluid symbol.[5][6]


Xenofluid symbol

Xenofluid symbol by BitzOfPuzzelPeices and OnlySixMinutesLeft on Gender Wiki.[4][5]

Flags + Details[]

Main Flag(s)[]

The FF6A98 represents the disconnect from the binary, the FFB9BB represents the comfort in this disconnection, the 9684F0 represents the variety in gender alignment, the 5D7FAF represents fluidity of ones identity, and the 7F23EA represents neurodiversity.[1]

Other Alternative Flags[]