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Pride flag with seven equally-sized stripes, top to bottom: red stripe, peach/lighter red stripe, orange stripe, yellow stripe, blue stripe, light purple stripe, brighter purple stripe

Xenogender flag

Xenogender is a non-binary identity and umbrella term in which one's gender goes "beyond the human understandings of gender", and is instead crafted by other methods of gender categorization. This may include genders that are related to animals, plants, or other things that are not traditionally a gender. They are often used by the neurodivergent community (people with ADHD, autism, OCD, etc.), but the term is not exclusive.

The adjective xenine means of or pertaining to xenogenders. The noun form of xenine is xenity.

The xenogender equivalent for boy or girl is xip. The equivalent for man or woman is xenan.

For a comprehensive list of some identities under the xenogender umbrella, please see Category:Xenogender.


Xenogender was coined by Tumblr user Baaphomett in 2014. Xenogender was a submission to the MOGAI-Archive blog, from xeno - "alien", + "gender."

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